Cubic WMS

WMS Functionalities


Product entry management through advance shipping notification and direct from production, allowing to streamline the process of verification of quantities and qualities in loose units or cargo containers through mobile devices or paper for storage or return. Product conditions are done with batch, serial or simple management.

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The Cubic100 Warehouse Management System (WMS) software monitors the receiving process in real time. In the receiving process the first step begins with the complete analysis of the products that are received. The platform Cubic 100 WMS begins to act, When the merchandise is received, unloading docks are assigned and then validating the reception through radio frequency terminals, once received the most appropriate location will be chosen based on the quantity received (weight, volume) and product characteristics. The main activities in the reception process will be the following: Unload the merchandise and introduce or transport it to the merchandise reception area of ​​the warehouse. Verify and inspect the merchandise or products received in quantity, quality, information that accompanies the merchandise received. Identify and code the merchandise received for internal control and management (physical management in the warehouse and inventory management). Register the merchandise received in the warehouse stock (normally in the WMS or WMS that is used for its management).


According to the conditions of the product and the configuration of its Layout (physical map), Cubic100 determines the directed storage indicating in which destination location the product should be stored, managing to optimize physical spaces and decrease displacements according to its rotation in the CEDI.This management is carried out from mobile devices or paper.

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Cubic100 WMS proposes efficient and safe storage taking into account the physical characteristics of each product. They include the calculation of the space required to keep each product in optimal conditions, the management of the movement of materials from and to the stored points. The main functions that are carried out in the warehousing process begin with the management of the preparation of the load that has to leave the facility. This activity covers the groupings of orders and their assignments, among other issues. This allows control over how orders are executed and who takes care of it. Within the preparation, the WMS system can manage at a very detailed level the logistics operations that have to be carried out, such as the picking processes.The system will be in charge of defining and guiding the routes of the personnel assigned to this task, as well as the presentation of the articles.One of the most important advantages derived from the management of picking by our WMS system is that the system is capable of optimizing the process so that it is executed in the shortest time possible and with the least number of movements while respecting the parameters specified for the order.


Configure the minimum and maximum stock per product, in order to control and manage the quantities in a location or picking areas depending on the orders or the storage conditions of the product.


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Cubic100 WMS It allows to carry out physical transfers by complete pallet or article from one location to another It processes automatic tasks of transfer of products to assembly the supply (transfer) of units in pallet or box to the picking area of ​​loose units for this uses rules of online maximums and minimums or replenishment by batch task. In this module you will find most of the options related to the activities related to the handling of stored products, allowing you to execute and record the different tasks performed within the area where the products are located, such as inactivation and activation of products.


Planning the Picking by means of the receipt of dispatch orders is essential for an adequate management of a Warehouse, because precisely this process is the most expensive in Storage logistics, where it is required to involve a considerable amount of resources.


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CubicWMS allows the dispatch documents to be loaded from an automatic ERP integration process or from a simple load from Excel, which are later assigned to the operators in the warehouse for their enlistment by Order or in a consolidated way for a group extraction of products. Carrying out the process of enlisting an order or picking by waves through the division of work groups allows optimizing the process with the use of mobile devices, keeping the product locations updated and following the parameters configured for each operation, such as age of batches, serials or optimized extraction routes of the exercise. CubicWMS indicates optimal warehouse pickup route, exact location, FIFO, FEFO, LIFO batch dispatch verification, serial capture, all of the above managed from mobile devices or paper setup. Picking can be carried out in any type of warehouse and occurs whenever it is necessary to gather packages, pieces, products or materials so that once they are gathered, they can be transferred. Shelves designed to store individual boxes or loose products. Ideal systems for goods that are deposited and removed manually. Advantages CubicWMS picking process. By consolidating orders, the amount of resources that extract the winery is optimized. Optimal solution for different references and fractional rotation Variety of components to suit any need Real-time updates on exception handling, order tracking, and verification Real-time productivity management and reporting Two-way communications with WMS and / or ERP systems


Cubic100 Ensures that its customers’ orders to be dispatched contain the products requested in the correct quantity through verification by barcode reading. Printing of shipping labels for each box and packing list.

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Cubic100’s management software is efficient packaging once picking operations are performed as efficiently as possible and any necessary production is done, the next step in fulfillment is to pack the order. Our warehouse management software creates more efficient packing operations. Warehouse management software with rule-based compliance helps create workflows for more capable packing operations. Cubic100 helps ensure packing is done as efficiently as possible and in the highest order, with respect to customers, delivery dates and other criteria. Our flexible software will support kit fulfillment, bill of materials fulfillment, partial shipments, and backorder management in addition to generating reliable packaging.

Conveyor Delivery

Manage the delivery to the carrier of the orders requested by the customer, identifying the data of the vehicle, driver, management of dock assignment and vehicle service times, traceability by delivery, integration with carrier software. In order to have a correct and efficient delivery, we start by thinking about the client or final consumer of the product.


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In the delivery, the characteristics of the product to be distributed must be taken into account, the special characteristics so that the product is preserved in an optimal way: temperature, fragility, handling of special packaging, form of accommodation in transport, documents that must accompany the product in transit, etc. Distribution implies the optimal planning of transport and routes to reach the final points of commercialization, reducing costs to a minimum and ensuring the care of the products so that they do not lose value to the consumer. We know the value of a punctual and fit delivery, that is why we train and prepare our staff, who have the support of our WMS system, not only to have scheduled and systematized deliveries but to react in a minimum of time when necessary, with the utmost precision and quality. We deliver at wholesale and retail points of sale, including deliveries to the end user. Our own vehicles added to a very wide and fully qualified transport network allows us to reach the entire Republic, more range and on time. Product delivery to end customer Deliveries dedicated to wholesalers and retail Administration of parcel deliveries Consolidated cargo management Cross-docking


Management of tasks on inventory for receipt, movements, picking, inventory counting and cyclicals by customer, warehouse or by type of product rotation.

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Our inventory system is in charge of managing all the information regarding the physical inventory to be able to perform a count in a certain time.The response method of the computerized inventory systems is much faster, so it is possible to reduce the workload previously held during manual inventory counting. The inventory management benefits of the computerized cubic100 are: Helps reduce merchandise loss Helps minimize the cost of freight, making it possible to plan and reduce last minute purchases Control and identify each available product by simply entering the code or name of this Reduce errors and speed up receiving, moving, picking up, loading, and delivering Control every step of the process with barcodes, Arrival at the docks, reception, storage, gathering and loading CUBIC 100 inventory software creates reports on inventory documentation to increase the visibility of your business With Cubic100 WMS you can view and inspect the location, and quantities of all finished items and raw materials in your warehouse operation, know the rotation of your inventory and manage it in accounting by FIFO or LIFO, also considering freshness, season and others. factors.


Cubic100 WMS integrates easily with any system of your client or ERP, managing the essential processes in the supply chain (reception, dispatch, inventories, reconciliations, returns, etc.), providing the necessary link between the warehouse management system and the entire supply chain.

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